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Meet Our Customers

Artsiom A.

Driver Berlin

Platform is easy to use, found a few appropriate garages and simply booked one. Enjoyed simple process and great garage in my neighborhood.

June 2024

Feliks F.

Driver Berlin

Great service and support with arranging a long or short-term garage/parking service.

Very reliable and great communication. Personal attention and support were provided over the phone and in person. My personal gratitude to Josef Sorocin.

Highly recommended.

February 2024

Daniel L.

Driver Munich

Professional and convenient service. Operates exactly as you'd hope:

- Clear lists of garages that are available within field of search
- Easy to make contact with garage owner
- Payments handled smoothly with no hidden costs

I've been using the service in Munich for the past few months and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

June 2024

Christian K.

Provider Munich

Garages Near Me offers a super alternative to the usual platforms and is unique as a specialized provider for parking spaces.

I greatly appreciated the simple, clear, and intuitive usability and the quick feedback from the platform when I had questions.

Last but not least: the commission is very fairly regulated, the payment processing can be completely handled by the platform, as a provider, you receive the agreed-upon rent fully deposited into your account. It couldn't be easier.

And at the same time, the tenant also has an added level of security through this payment processing to protect against fraud!

Keep it up! We will continue to use it regularly in the future!

March 2024

Jannik W.

Provider Berlin

Awesome platform, very easy and fast to find someone wanting to rent a garage - even short-term!

Highly recommended.

April 2024

Tatiana C.

Driver Berlin

Great experience overall! I am a non-native speaker who was traveling around Europe for work.

I was looking for an underground parking in Munich to book for my car. It was very easy to identify the right parking and the customer service was superb.

Payment went through effortlessly as well. Highly recommended!

July 2024

Ganna T.

Driver Berlin

I needed a safe parking spot in Berlin for 3 months and as a non-native speaker it's easy to get lost on all the German sites.

Luckily Garages Near Me is also in English and I found a very nice parking spot to rent near the airport. I booked it online and there were some issues with my bank but I got fast support from Garages Near Me who helped me sort it out.

I didn't know this service before but I'm glad I found it! Really recommend it if you are looking to securely park in Berlin for a few months.

February 2024

Rachel R.

Provider Berlin

Garages Near Me is a fabulous resource!

It's easy to use, totally reliable when it comes to payouts, with unbelievably quick and helpful customer service.

I wholeheartedly recommend this site!

May 2024

Mariya K.

Provider Berlin

Excellent service and easy to use.

July 2024